Stories Under the Sky

Jazz infused with stories, dramas, and rhapsodies.

Led by pianist ade ishs and drummer Chelsea Allen, and supported by long-term members, bassist Paul Bonnington and trumpeter Ee Shan Pang, the ensemble has sought to expand their sound palette on their sophomore album with more acoustic instruments and dramatic, cinematic compositions. Joining the core quartet as a guest musician on the album is woodwind maestro Lachlan Davidson.

The centrepiece of this album is a broadening and deepening exploration in composition and form: the majority of the album seeks a departure from traditional, straight-ahead jazz norms.

Release date: 17 August 2017


  1. The Sound of Morning
  2. Autumn Walk
  3. Summer Morning
  4. Blue Sky
  5. Shades
  6. Fragments of Truth
  7. Walking in a Meadow
  8. Rainy Day
  9. Moving Forward
  10. I’ll Wait Until You Arrive

ade ishs: piano, voice, autoharp, glockenspiel, accordion, paper
Chelsea Allen: drums, voice, congas
Paul Bonnington: acoustic and electric basses
Ee Shan Pang: trumpet, flugelhorn, voice
with Lachlan Davidson: alto saxophone, clarinet, tenor saxophone


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This recording ℗© 2017 ade ishs Music.

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