The ishs/Allen Project

Often sparse and understated, always elegant, this debut album for The ishs/Allen Project delivers wonderfully complementary pieces, each painted in warm harmonic brushstrokes, framed in thoughtful arrangements, and recorded to perfection.

Peter Neville (Head of Percussion and New Music Studio, Melbourne Conservatorium of Music)

Lyrical, emotive, contemporary jazz.

The debut, self-titled album release from The ishs/Allen Project presents a collaboration between composer/pianist ade ishs and drummer Chelsea Allen. Across a range of styles, lyrical melodies combine with elegant and sweeping compositions, which are realised in a series of performances in a quartet format. The album features performances by ade ishs (piano, voice, glockenspiel, and melodica) and Chelsea Allen (drums and voice), plus regular band members, Paul Bonnington (semi-acoustic and electric basses) and Ee Shan Pang (trumpet, flugelhorn, and voice).

Release date: 04 March 2015


  1. A Place in the World
  2. Train
  3. Welcoming Spring
  4. Handholding
  5. Science
  6. Understanding
  7. Veiled Beauty
  8. Above the Desert
  9. Little Flower
  10. Guildford Lane

ade ishs: piano, voice, glockenspiel, melodica
Chelsea Allen: drums, voice
Paul Bonnington: semi-acoustic and electric basses
Ee Shan Pang: trumpet, flugelhorn, voice

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Both band leaders, pianist ade ishs and drummer Chelsea Allen, hailing from Melbourne, Australia, are very accomplished players, honing their techniques of their principle instruments through this contemporary/traditional jazz-fueled collaboration.

Lola Johnson — Tom Tom Magazine, USA

… the Project have produced something not very common in jazz, an album that reeks of a positive vibe, very uplifting, almost joyful.

Michael Prescott — Jazzwise, UK

It’s a cracking album, that one. It’s called The ishs/Allen Project, a self-titled release from The ishs/Allen Project, and pretty much one of my favourite independent jazz releases that’s come out for some time. Really, really great energy to the whole of that one.

Sammy Al — Eastside 89.7FM, Sydney, Australia

It’s a gentle album, but with complexity. And very lovely melodies as well.

Ross Nable — PBS 106.7FM, Melbourne, Australia

This new album has pushed the bar for all other Australian contemporary acts. These talented musicians have worked together to create one of the best jazz albums out at the moment. With praise from the jazz community pouring in, this group is one to watch for the future.

Sharni White — cargoART, Australia

The music of ade ishs — and now the music he makes on this album with Chelsea Allen — is far from simple, yet the expression is direct and heartfelt. There are moments when it can become almost too pretty, but that is the risk one takes if making your music inclusive and not exclusive to your fellow human beings.

John Hardaker —, Australia

Beauty glimpsed through silk indeed.

Ken Turnbull — Castlemaine Jazz Festival, Australia

Unquestionably a release that proves that Australian jazz is vibrant, alive, and compelling.

5MBS, Adelaide, Australia

This recording ℗© 2015 ade ishs Music.

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